Hello there!

I use computers to explore the language, information, and cultural values contained in large collections of text. Ultimately, I'd like to build interactive AI systems that help people organize, understand, discover, and produce knowledge.

Currently, I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University's Langauge Technologies Institute advised by Emma Strubell, and a student researcher at Google NYC. These days, my work focuses on natural language processing, information retrieval, and human-AI interaction.

Previously, I've worked on computational social science at Knowledge Lab, autonomous driving at Waymo / Google X, machine learning at a YC startup, and edtech policy at Harvard. I received undergraduate degrees studying computer science, philosophy, and linguistics from the University of Chicago.

Outside the computer world I have been an actor, a mock trial competitor, and publicly angry about climate change. I enjoy cooking, making music, reading poetry, hiking, arts & crafts, and going out dancing.




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Mastodon: @jerelev