Hello there!

I use computers to study language. I am particularly interested in the trace of knowledge and cultural values contained in large (and sometimes esoteric) collections of text. I hope to build interactive AI systems that enable people to explore those collections and make new discoveries.

Currently, I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University's Langauge Technologies Institute and a Student Researcher at Google NYC. Advised by Emma Strubell, I focus on efficient NLP for information retrieval, question answering, knowledge representation, and reasoning.

Previously, I worked on: a startup at YCombinator, autonomous driving at Google X, and technology policy at Harvard. I received undergraduate degrees studying computer science, philosophy, and linguistics from the University of Chicago.

Outside the computer world I have been an actor, a mock trial competitor, and publicly angry about climate change. I enjoy cooking, making music, reading poetry, hiking, computational arts & crafts, and going out dancing (global health permitting).




Mastodon: @jerelev